Hopes for TPS Not Dead (yet)

We have received several emails from our readers asking if there is any hope remaining that the Obama administration will grant the Guatemalan request for TPS.  It is quite understandable that people are getting impatient, as the Obama administration has taken a long time to respond to the request.  However, as the saying goes, hope springs eternal.

This hope exists not only here, but in Guatemala as well. Prensa Libre reported recently that President Colom is seeking to meet with president Obama in order to press the case for Guatemalan TPS. While the date for this meeting has not been set yet, it appears most likely to occur in November, when president Obama is scheduled to travel to a summit of Central American presidents in the Dominican Republic. Other possible dates for the meeting include the scheduled UN summit in September, or a standalone bilateral meeting before then. This last option is unlikely, at the presidents have had some trouble reconciling their agendas. The Prensa Libre report suggests that the meeting in November has already been scheduled, so this is the most likely time for a TPS discussion between Colom and Obama.

Unfortunately, this seems to suggest that we won’t have an answer on TPS before late November at the earliest.

El original esta disponible en Español aqui.


7 Responses to “Hopes for TPS Not Dead (yet)”

  1. Pedro Hernandez Says:

    Why the Obama administration took ONLY 10 DAYS to approve TPS for Hayti, and for Guatemala, is taking for ever?

  2. Patrick Kolasinski Says:

    Nobody really knows what is taking so long, and many people are getting understandably frustrated. I suspect that the attention drawn to the issue of immigration by the flurry of recent state laws (especially Arizona’s), together with the economic crisis and the upcoming election together amounts to cause for the administration to move slowly. But that doesn’t make it any less frustrating, does it?

  3. efrain Says:

    i understand that this is just political game because now Guatemala is suffering a floating in the pacific coast and nobody says anything or do anything to help. yea we will hear more in November because its the time for elections. What a game with us in the middle.

  4. Daisy Mercado Says:

    I have been following this website since mention of TPS, but with elections coming up, no one involved in politics will risk making a decision that is going put their re-election at risk. Why does politics decide when help can be given? The Consititution was created for the people by the people. The ppl here in America were immigrants at one point in time and just bc they have the title “US Citizen” they have more rights than other human beings. It’s not right! What has happened to humanity? When people care for other people and their well-being. Espero que el gobierno puede ser algo para los guatemaltecos, pero depsues de tanto tiempo…no se que pensar.

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