Landslides Strike Guatemala

Torrential rains have caused severe landslides througout Guatemala  over the last few days, with reports of casualties coming through several media sources from around the world. The damage, which comes as Guatemala still works to recover from twin natural disasters this spring, has brought additional global attention to the beleaguered nation, and highlights the need for immediate humanitarian assistance. 

Our thoughts go out to those impacted by the storm-wrought devastation, and we hope for the speedy and safe rescue of as many people as possible.

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6 Responses to “Landslides Strike Guatemala”

  1. melissa Says:

    Do you think this could have an impact on the approval of tps? It has been quiet lately but could this be the push needed for DHS to give a response?

  2. Tonya Says:


    I was also wondering the same thing. This TPS request has stalled and maybe this will push Obama into granting it. Me and my husband are patiently waiting, we desperately need this help.

    I wonder how long they can wait to answer? It’s like they have just forgotten all about it…

  3. Mario Says:

    I wish the Administration would respond one way or the other, rather than keeping us in limbo.

  4. melissa Says:

    I agree.I definite “no” would be better than this. At least people would not keep falsely hoping.

  5. willy tello Says:

    i personal think that DHS , obama administration don’t care about non of us because tps is and his hands and he is not doing nathing about it,i have ? do you think he is going pass a reform. i hope that at list they would have the respect to give an answer.

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