We made it through the election and are getting into the now-or-never phase of the TPS request.  The two months leading up to the election were remarkably silent, with nearly no TPS news and absolute silence from the official channels.  But now that the election is behind us, things may finally be on the move.

The first sign of this was a short statement from Guatemalan Foreign Minister Haroldo Rodas, who was quoted in Prensa Libre as stating that the TPS process is in American hands now. Guatemala has complied with all the application requirements, has gathered broad support for its request, and can now only wait for a decision from President Obama’s administration.

The statement itself holds little news, but the fact that Mr. Rodas has finally said something is far more exciting.  As we noted, the official channels were silent leading up to the election, and it appears that our suspicion that discussion of TPS pending the vote may have had some weight.  We now have the first official comment in months coming from the Guatemalan government just two days after the US elections.

Is this a sign of progress? We can’t say for sure, but we certainly hope so.

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  1. Walter Says:

    I heard Guatemala’s President Colom will ask Presinte Obama to approve the TPS for guatemalans. However, as stated by Guatevision webside, it would be until first haft of December. Would it be to late? i meant maybe Obama’s administration might not approved the TPS by that moment!!!? what about if they aready disapproved it? well hopefully President Obama approve the TPS for guatemalans, but honestly, as a guatemalan, i felt upset with Guatemala’s President because it seems he is Not doing anything to get the TPS approved. Also i would like to Thank The Law Offices of Patrick Kolasinski for this exellent webpage…Muchas Muchas Gracias…and exellent job!!!

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